reClear: IPL

the high-tech IPL device

The reClear IPL is the next generation and evolution of IPL products. It uses a single handpiece with a large spot size (40x15mm) with an integrated cooling system

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Product Details
Technical specifications

ReClear: de volgende generatie IPL apparatuur

De reClear IPL is de volgende generatie en evolutie van IPL apparatuur. Deze IPL laser kan adhv zijn verschillende pulsmodes, breed spotformaat en snelheid een breed spectrum aan indicaties snel en effectief behandelen. Dit in tegenstelling tot veel andere IPL apparaten. De reClear maakt gebruik van een enkel handstuk met een grote spotsize (40x15mm) met een geïntegreerd koelsysteem. De reClear IPL wordt standaard geleverd inclusief 6 filters (430nm, 515nm, 560nm, 585nm, 640nm, 700nm).

Different filters, different spot sizes

Thanks to the six possible filters, different skin conditions can be treated. The cutoff filter technology enables more precise and effective treatments. The square and round spot filters facilitate the treatment of small areas and prevent side effects by avoiding unnecessary damage. The different filters can always be combined within the same treatment and/or regimen for the best results.



  • Pigmentation spots
  • Sun damage
  • Teleangiectasias
  • Couperose
  • Diffuse redness
  • Rosacea
  • Fine lines
  • Coarse pores
  • Inflammatory acne
  • Poikiloderma of civatte
  • Red acne scars
  • Dull, gray skin
  • Unwanted hair growth

Advantages of the device:

  • It is easy to change filters by pushing on them.
  • The status LED shows the operating state. You can check whether power is supplied and whether the device is on standby.
  • The device has a wide spot size for shorter treatment time. (15 x 40 mm).
  • Simple and streamlined body design size for faster treatments. (589 x 310 x 950 mm)
  • The device is equipped with a filter holder. It prevents any loss of the device components and makes it easy to perform treatments.
  • The color LCD touchscreen is easy to maintain. The simple user interface makes operating the device easier. When you press the pause button, the power is turned off immediately.
  • A switch is provided for emergency situations.

Technical data

Light source
Xenon lamp

Spot size
15mm x 40mm

430, 515, 560, 585, 640, 700 nm

Energy density
Max. 38J/cm²

Pulse repetition
1 ~ 3 pulse, multi pulse

8 inch, digital touch LCD

Housing dimensions
H 95 cm / W 31 cm / L 58.9 cm

85 kg

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