Soleo Sono


Soleo Sono combines the classic capabilities of modern ultrasound therapy with the new patented Sonoswing process.

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Product Details
Technical specifications


You choose the depth for the ideal warming effect

The patented SonoSwing software allows you to adjust the percentage of both frequencies. In part because both frequencies are adjustable, the depth of the "warming effect" can be self-determined.

  • 0.8 MHz: Deep effect
  • 2.4 MHz: Superficial effect


  • Chronic inflammatory disorders of the locomotor system
  • Degenerative and post-traumatic disorders of the locomotor system

Practical extensions and accessories

  • Easily movable
  • Modern design


Ultrasound Head 1 socket for a 5 cm2 multi-frequency waterproof US head
1 cm2 = optional
Frequencies 0.8 MHz: deep effect
2.4 MHz: superficial effect
Maximum Energy 3 W/ Cm2
Programs 9 specific programs
Clutch Accoustic, optical: 2 color at the US Head and on display
Memory 120 free places
Dimensions (LxWxH) 32.2 cm / 23.4 cm / 13 cm
Weight 3 Kg

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