Treatment bench | 5-piece | Z-Ultimate

The Z-Ultimate 5-piece treatment couch is one of the most functional treatment couch appreciated by therapists around the world.

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Product Details
Technical specifications

Special features

  • Comfort Face Cushion: This face pillow provides equal distribution of pressure in the face. Your patient is always comfortable in both prone and supine positions.
  • Premium Skai "Soft Touch": extra durable and comfortable upholstery
  • Electromagnetic circuit switch
  • Emergency Stop Controller
  • Fast motor


  • Heating
  • Super "Boost" actuator (12 seconds )
  • Postural drainage (only for 3/5/7 piece treatment couches)
  • Special harder panel for Manual therapists
  • Wider panel 80 cm
  • Smaller panel 54 cm

Target Audience

  • Manual therapists
  • Osteopaths
  • Kinesists
Length 205 cm
Height 51 - 99 cm
Width 69 cm
Weight 105 / 120 Kg
Max load 225 Kg

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