Cryo 6


The Cryo 6 uses cold air to reduce pain and prevent thermal damage to the skin in laser and IPL applications.

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Product Details
Technical specifications

The Cryo 6 is fast and intuitive thanks to the large, clear display.

Simple operation
The Cryo 6 is easy to operate quickly and intuitively thanks to its large, clear display.
Both the 9 ventilator steps and treatment times and the 6 pre-programmed Cryo 6 treatment programs are quick and easy to set up.
All relevant information is easy to read on the display.
Select the program, press "Start" and the treatment can begin.

Quick and efficient application
With special adapters for laser handpieces, the cold air precisely reaches the treatment area of the laser.
In addition, a support arm enables comfortable treatment of a skin area, leaving your hands free. The Cryo 6 requires only room air. The air is then filtered and cooled to -30°C.
There are no consumables! The tableau is perfectly suitable for laser and IPL systems as well as other systems.

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