Traction Therapy

clTrac, the device with 6 standard programs for applying traction therapy at the cervical, lumbar or peripheral level.

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Product Details
Technical specifications

Treatment with clTrac

The clTrac is precise; forces are applied with extreme precision. A double control mechanism compares the measured value with the set values; deviations are immediately corrected. Not only the precise force is important, but also the speed at which the force increases or decreases. With the clTrac, you can accurately set the motor speed. In addition, you can accurately define the treatment time. The color screen shows exactly what you have programmed and what is happening during treatment.

The new clTrac offers 6 standard programs that allow you to quickly and easily initiate static or intermittent cervical, lumbar or peripheral traction. Of course, these programs are all customizable to the practitioner's requirements. Self-developed treatment protocols can also be saved. Therapy can be paused to make changes to parameters or to adjust straps.

To meet the highest safety standards, the clTrac is equipped with a Patient Interruption Button. After pressing this, the forces are reduced in a responsible fast manner and an alarm signal sounds. Follow-ups can be selected to discontinue or resume therapy.

Max. traction force
15-900 newtons (1.5-90 kg)

Min. traction force
10-895 newtons (1-89 kg)

Treatment time
1-99 Minutes

Housing dimensions (WxHxD)
390 mm x 305 mm x 333 mm

14 kg

Power supply
110-240 V

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