Cryo 7

Cryo 7 is the perfect system for cooling the skin during laser applications and injections of all types.

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Product Details
Technical specifications

Cold air therapy at -30°C

Superior application to ice for acute and chronic conditions: cold air therapy at -30°C.The compressor-powered cold therapy unit that enables short treatment times with -30°C cold air, achieves rapid therapeutic results and avoids maintenance and aftercare costs.

Zimmer MedizinSystemeCryotherapy expertise, made in Germany
Cooling the skin with cold air is a widely used technique in dermatologic laser therapy. We investigated the influence of cold air cooling with different skin temperatures on therapeutic results in treatments of telangiectasia
Maximum ease of operation
User-friendly design
- Energy-saving eco standby operation
- Storage space for 100 favorites
- High-resolution 10-inch touch display
- Colors and presets as desired


Easier to operate than ever
Works effortlessly for you

- Software reminder when the water tank is full
- Air filter can be replaced quickly and easily
- Magnetic tube attachment
- Automatic maintenance reminder


Energy and cost saving
Using the new Cryo 7 only brings low consumption costs for you. The new standby mode also minimizes energy costs.
The Cryo 7 is designed for reliable, all-day operation. The defrost function and software-controlled monitoring of the amount of defrost water ensure smooth operation. In addition, the air filter is easily accessible and can be quickly replaced in case of contamination. Numerous technical innovations make the Cryo 7 even quieter. This makes treatment significantly more pleasant for everyone: for your patients and also for the staff.

Form meets function
Ergonomic and stylish
- Easier on the back thanks to ergonomic height
- Pivoting spring arm for one-handed operation
- Silent operation
- Space-saving with a narrow footprint
- A real eye-catcher in modern practice

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