Ergo-Spirometry: Spirometry

Ergo-Spriometry is a bicycle test to measure fitness and exercise capacity.

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Technical specifications

Pulmonary shunt

If the patient has an intrapulmonary shunt, percentage shunt flow is calculated according to Fick's principle for oxygen, expressed as %, and pulmonary blood flow is corrected to cardiac time volume (CVV).

HZV measurement in Innocor®

The HZV measurement in Innocor is the further development of a gas analyzer developed for space research for the measurement of the pulmonary gas exchange medium of a mass spectrometer (Amis 2000). Innocor uses for the gas analysis a photoacoustic spectroscopy (PAS), which was developed and patented specifically for this purpose, measures extremely accurately and is stable over a long period of time. This makes the IGR method with Innocor very easy and absolutely user-friendly to use in the daily routine, for non-invasive measurement of the HZV at rest and under stress.


Measurement Procedure

The patient first inhales room air. The ergo-spirometric parameters are measured, displayed and stored "breath by breath." For HZV measurement, a rebreathing valve automatically switches from room air breathing to ventilation with a breathing bag. The bag contains a gas mixture consisting of 90% room air enriched with 9.4% oxygen and the inert gases SF6 (0.1%, insoluble in blood) and nitrous oxide (0.5%, soluble in blood). The two inert gases are measured continuously using photoacoustic spectroscopy (PAS). The patient's CO2 level remains at a constant low level during rebreathing from the bag, thanks to the oxygen supply. After 4 to 5 breaths from the bag, the rebreathing valve switches back to room air breathing and the measurement of ergo-spirometric parameters continues "breath by breath." The times for HZV measurement can be integrated into the load protocol as desired or activated manually (e.g. for peak measurements).

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