Zimmer MultiTENS

Tens / Stim / Han / Burst & NMS device

The MultiTENS is a new generation of pain relief. This electrostimulator offers a choice of three different currents: TENS, HAN, BURST & NMS.

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Product Details
Technical specifications

A true 2-in-1 multifunctional electrostimulator

This innovative device has two different channels that can be managed independently (for example, a TENS stream on channel 1 and an NMS program on channel 2).

A log of usage
Zimmer MultiTENS has an activity log that records all data from electrotherapy sessions up to 5 sessions per day for 60 days.

  • Channels can be set independently, making it possible to treat 2 areas with different TENS programs.
  • 13 Pre-programmed treatment protocols with HAN, Burst, Frequency modulation and conventional TENS options.
  • Comprehensive statistics to monitor home use: number of days, number of hours and average intensity per channel.


Waveform Asymmetric, rectangular, biphasic with zero direct current,
constant current, maximum voltage: 180 volts +10/-30V
Modi Continuous, Burst, HAN, modulated and NMS (work/restimulation)
Parameters 0-90mA, 2-200Hz, 50-450μS
TENS 13 Predefined TENS programs
NMS 4 NMS preset programs
Other 3 Customized programs to set up your own treatment
Dimensions 119.2 x 69 x 28.7 mm
Weight 0.07KG without battery,
0.1KG with battery
Conditions of use +5 to +40 degrees Celsius. 15-93% Humidity

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