Cold plasma treatment

Cold plasma treatment for sterilization and improvement of skin diseases

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Product Details
Technical specifications

Why cold plasma?
Cold atmospheric plasma treatment is a non-invasive and safe procedure. reCure can complement any treatment where skin sterilization is desired or where absorption of transdermal solutions is critical to treatment outcome.
reCure is a complete cold plasma concept with five tip options for two handpieces specifically designed for a wide range of indicated skin conditions.


Safe, versatile and compact - reCure
Cold atmospheric plasma is a partially ionized gas created at atmospheric pressure and room temperature. It is highly efficient in inactivating viruses, bacteria and other harmful threats and diseases above and below the skin surface.
The plasma is generated without the use of additional gases and there are no waste products. Cold atmospheric plasma has a temperature of 40 °C or less and no electric current passes through the skin. Thus, treatment with reCure is safe and comfortable for patients.


Performance and design at the cutting edge
reCure combines 2 different handpieces and 5 different treatment tips in one system. The treatment tips are effortlessly interchangeable for the best results. All software settings can be selected on the modern 10.2-inch display and LEDs on the handpiece indicate the operating status (standby / active). reCure: the new standard for plasma treatments.



Sublimation (Ablation)
Effective treatment of acne and scars by sublimating on the skin surface without affecting the cells.

Cold atmospheric plasma is an excellent natural sterilant with a wide range of applications in medicine. reCure uses this effect to sterilize bacteria that cause a variety of skin diseases.

Treatment of pigmentation spots
By suppressing the pigment melanin and improving the absorption of anti-pigmentation cosmetic products, reCure can support anti-pigmentation treatments.

Transdermal administration of drugs
reCure can also contribute to the effective delivery of transdermal drugs by breaking down the cell adhesion molecules that bind skin cells, allowing for higher absorption rates.

Mains connection
100-240 V / 50-60 Hz

Multi handpiece
Mode: Pulse or continuous operation
Energy type: low-temperature atmospheric plasma
Frequency: 28 - 34 kHz | Tips: H/F tip, Jet tip, FR tip

Pen handpiece
Mode: Pulse or continuous operation
Energy type: atmospheric pressure plasma
Frequency: 65 kHz
Tips: needle (0.5 mm)

Medical device
Class IIa

TFT touch LCD (10.2 inches)

Housing dimensions
H 36 cm / W 44 cm / L 22 cm

3.4 kg

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