Shortwave therapy

MicroPro shortwave therapy is an electrotherapeutic method of physical medicine in which heat is generated in the tissue by high-frequency electric current.

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Product Details
Technical specifications

ThermoPro is determined to support tissue healing processes.

Different modes of operation are used here:

  • Pain Management
  • Muscle relaxation
  • Improvement of function
  • Increase in mobility
  • Stimulation of blood circulation


Electrical energy is applied through a flexible applicator that is easy to place. Indication-based user information is provided upon request to support your therapy.

Using ThermoPro in your practice means satisfying patients with an effective procedure that does not stress the body.

"Easy to use - comfortable for patients"

Power consumption: max. 700 W
Applicator: Flush field method
Output frequency and power: 27.12 MHz
Unpulsed: max. 100 W
Pulsed: max 200 W peak
Duty cycle: 1 : 10 to 9 : 10 : 10
Pulse rate: 0.5 to 1000 Hz
Dimensions: 58.1 cm / 45.9 cm / 85.4 cm (W/D/H)
(without mounting arm and applicator)
Weight: 37 kg
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