Treadmill: Stress Test ECG

The Ergotop treadmill has a shock-absorbing design that makes the patient feel comfortable while exercising.

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Product Details
Technical specifications

Good design and uncompromising safety

The low design of the Ergotop makes mounting the treadmill easy for the patient. An optional mounting platform is available for patients with reduced mobility. A safety and emergency stop feature is standard; it uses a magnetic safety strap to bring the treadmill to an immediate stop should the patient fall off. Optional is a large "emergency stop" button that allows medical personnel to bring the treadmill to an immediate stop at any time. For less stable patients, the handle can be extended to the end of the running area, providing your patients with additional safety.

Operation also without a control panel
Because speed and incline of the Ergotop are controlled from a PC using the PADSY-Ergo stress testing software, a control panel on the treadmill is not necessary. Thus, it is impossible for patients to make changes to exercise routines. Ergotop accelerates the treadmill evenly and steadily from 0 mph, allowing the patient to begin moving smoothly and without jerking on the treadmill. The speed is adjustable in 0.1 km/h increments and the incline can be set in increments of 1% to a maximum of 25%, meeting the requirements for highly accurate exercise testing.

Feeling good while working out
The Ergotop's shock-absorbing design, combined with the full-length shock absorber under the running area, makes the patient feel good while exercising. The treadmill is automatically centered and requires no lubricants. Ergotop is robustly built and designed to run extremely quietly - virtually no noise is produced.

Maintenance not required
Ergotop is virtually maintenance-free. All moving parts are designed for permanent operation without the need for extensive maintenance work. The drive motor is completely maintenance-free and is electronically controlled so that the speed of the treadmill is always the same as the set speed. If the Ergotop is mounted while running, the speed of the treadmill does not change.

Technical data

  • Speed range: 0.5 - 20 km/h
  • Elevation: 0 - 25%
  • Walking surface: 50 x 150 cm
  • Maximum patient weight: 225 kg
  • Motor power: 1.8 kW
  • Interface to PC: RS 232 and USB
  • Weight: 145 kg
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 212 x 76 x 110 cm
  • Meets all standard and safety standards


  • Emergency stop button
  • Drop-off speed: 0.1 - 12 km/h
  • Extension to the standard steering rod
  • Armrest
  • Access Plate
  • Body weight support system
  • Rear elevation: -10% (electric)
  • Control unit, programmable
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