Treatment table 3-piece | Z-Ultimate 2.0

The Z-Ultimate 2.0 is the successor to the Z-Ultimate series and the perfect treatment and examination couch for physical therapists.

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Technical specifications

Were you looking for the Z-Ultimate treatment couch?

It will soon disappear from the range. The successor takes the advantages of the Z-Ultimate series to a higher level.


An upgrade for the Z-Ultimate series: discover the Z-Ultimate 2.0

  • Maximum stability: even if you sit on the foot end or the side, the table does not budge.
  • Support of the back section by a frame instead of 1 or 2 gas springs.
  • Fast motor as standard (optional with the Z-Ultimate). In only 18 seconds you move the table from the lowest to the highest position. The Z-Ultimate and competitors' tables take 24 seconds to do so.
  • Increased carrying capacity
  • Completely renewed folding system of the side wings at the 7-section treatment couch. The patient can lean on them with full weight without any problems.
  • Circuit switch with logical operation, push up on the all around control and your table goes up. No confusing left-right movement to adjust the table's height.
  • Standard equipped with 4 swivel casters.
  • Frame color: anthracite (same as Z-Ultimate)
  • A new covering: the Hygienic PRO textile covering, worry-free disinfecting and resistant to tears



  • Electrical postural drainage function
  • Special harder or softer panel
  • Wider panel 80 cm
  • Smaller panel 57 cm
  • Elongated nostril
  • Paper roll holder


Download the catalog to consult all colors of upholstery (Hygienic PRO textile or Skai) and further options.

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